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Decorating Your Walls ~ Part 5 (A 5-Part Series)

Decorating Your Walls ~ Part 5 (A 5-Part Series)

This is the final installment in the "Decorating Your Walls" series.  Ellen saved the best for last.  This is a creative way to decorate by adding some "depth" to your decor.  I am a box saver, so this idea really appeals to me!

I hope you enjoyed this series by Ellen Caruso.  Good luck with your home decorating projects!


If you've been following my series on cost effective ways to decorate your walls with pictures you'll see I have a surprise!

#5 addresses what if You can't afford the frames. Yes, you can often find inexpensive ones in some stores, but what about making use of something you already have that wont cost you a dime, at least not for the reuse!

I'm sure you have shoe boxes, or other shallow small fairly rigid boxes lying round. So here's a throwback to my days as a package designer, making a 3D frame.

Start with choosing a box and select a pattern that works well with it. ( my tutorial uses something I had from anther part of this series). Print your pattern and make sure its large enough to cover your box/lid.

box/lid frame box frame

Lay the box/lid in the center of the back of the paper, then pencil lines from the corners to the edge of the paper, and then cut them on the line.

box frame box lid

Spray the back of the paper with a heavy coat of spray glue. Place the box back on the paper in the marked spot, and begin folding over the paper on the sides and secure them on the inside with some strong tape. Fold up the ends last making all of the previous box hidden, and with a sharp clean edge.

box frame box frame

Add a weight to the inside ( anything you find) I used an old battery. This helps to give it weight and substance and prevents it from blowing away. Now you see it resembles a painted canvas, that can also be hung without a frame.

Hang It!

box frame box frame

Now, this might not be the best piece of art to apply, I just used what I had. Here below, I created a design using the long shoe box. In this version, I envision, you can paint the sides of the box a solid color and cut and apply the art/photo accurately on the face panel. You can group sereral of the same size boxes together, for a finished effect.

I hope you like it and try it!


                                            shoebox frame


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6 commentsDonna Foerster • March 30 2012 02:22PM


What a resourceful crafty  solution to present your attactive colorful pieces.

Posted by Jeff Jensen (Annie Mac Home Mortgage) over 2 years ago

Thank you Jeff.  Ellen is creative AND crafty!

Posted by Donna Foerster, Metro Denver Real Estate Agent (Cherry Creek Properties, LLC) over 2 years ago

isn't Ellen a delight Donna? She has so much creativity and great ideas. She's also a genuinely fun, funny and wonderful human being.

Posted by Debb Janes, REALTOR®, EcoBroker Camas, Washington (The Carl Group, LLC) over 2 years ago

Debb~ She's amazing!  I feel fortunate to have met her and to call her friend. :-)

Posted by Donna Foerster, Metro Denver Real Estate Agent (Cherry Creek Properties, LLC) over 2 years ago

Donna, never say the LAST....I do have more but perhaps another time!

And I too am glad to have met you and Debb, so many great friends here in the Rain, I wish we all lived closer.

Posted by Ellen Caruso (Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty) over 2 years ago

Ellen~ Wouldn't that be wonderful?  I wonder if we'd ever get any work done though!  Ha ha!

Posted by Donna Foerster, Metro Denver Real Estate Agent (Cherry Creek Properties, LLC) over 2 years ago